Poem of the day

Poem of the day brings you some of the best pieces of writing South Africa has to offer. Photo: Pexels

Poem of the day: Someone very dear advised

A poem a day inspires good energy to stay. Each update brings you inspiration about life, love and everything else for everyone.

Poem of the day

Poem of the day brings you some of the best pieces of writing South Africa has to offer. Photo: Pexels


Someone very dear advised, “. . . if it doesn’t make your heart happy, leave!”
Most things that strain your heart are things you do not in believe.
For a heart to be really joyous and true, we have to first inside our own chests breathe anew.
To dampen a spirit of an energy soaring,
Like a keg of lava constantly pouring.
Selfless are we who act as heroes in a mist of thick shadows gray,
In the end it is for your own heart energy one will inevitably pay.
Spirit flows inside once you choose ever so wisely with sincerity,
All illusion and false hope dissipates and you grow inside a bubble of enquiry.
Bullets and missiles fly around randomly . . . blood and gore,
Welcome its wanderlust as light or a fight-to-the-finish ending in a proverbial snore.
Yes, you, who reads . . . breath abated,
Is this not the Awakening in which you have awaited?
Thirty years to seek a path very narrow,
For a space to master life and startle with words that find their target like Robin Hood’s arrow.


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