Dj Zinhle

Watch: DM sliding? DJ Zinhle gives top relationship advice [video]

The relationship and life advice you didn’t know you needed.

Dj Zinhle

DJ Zinhle is the star that South Africa needs. From her brilliant career to being an iconic mother to baby Kairo. Now, the public figure has taken the time to sit down and offer all of Mzansi some much-needed relationship advise.

You don’t need any you say? Well, we will take your share for you. (Lord knows we need it)

DJ Zinhle gives some pretty good life advice

Zinhle spoke with upcoming local YouTuber Dennis Ngango on his Defining Dennis channel. The channel serves as Dennis’ own journal as he talks with popular local celebrities about a host of topics, including their careers and personal lives.

While Zinhle has had her fair share of relationship drama (haven’t we all) her celebrity status has let the public in on moments that most people would never want to be shared with the world.

The video is also packed full of laughs as Dennis and Zinhle answer questions from the public. If you wanted to know about the different levels to sliding into DM’s, her majesty the Queen has got you covered.

She does more than just that, though. Zinhle even spoke about how she slid into the DMs of rapper AKA, the father of her child.

“Say something smart, like people don’t expect. I slid into the father of my child’s DMs [AKA] on Twitter actually. Like years ago. And I was like ‘yo, do you want to do a song together?’

I didn’t want to do a song with nobody but this guy was cool, nice. He was like sure, ‘send me ideas, let’s do the song’. Of course I didn’t send a song coz there was never a song. Then, years later we met and made a baby!”

“So that’s the way to do it, start with the professional stuff.”

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You can check out the video in full below to hear everything that Zinhle has to offer.

Watch: DJ Zinhle offers up some relationship realness