COVID Art Museum. Image via Pixabay

Artists share their work at the digital COVID Art Museum

While we may want to strike 2020 from our memories and just remember it as the year that never was, three art directors in Barcelona decided to memorialise life during the pandemic with a virtual museum.


COVID Art Museum. Image via Pixabay

Founded in mid-March 2020 by Emma Calvo, Jose Guerrero, and Irene Llorca, the COVID Art Museum (CAM) is a digital platform that showcases and shares artworks about the coronavirus pandemic via social media.

Based on Instagram, the museum features original works sent in by artists from around the world and hand-curated pieces selected by the founders, all of which were inspired by life during the pandemic. The museum has shared over 550 works to date and has around 80,000 followers.

Why an art museum now?

Co-founder Emma Calvo said that people were sharing artwork they created while in quarantine in Spain, pouring out their feelings, perceptions, and points of view about the pandemic.

“We could sense a movement here and asked ourselves what would happen with all of this art. We didn’t want these artworks to be forgotten, so we came up with the idea of a digital museum, to make it more accessible for people all over the world.”

Commonly featured themes throughout the works in the museum include creative pleas for people to stay home, isolation, hand washing, face masks, and, not surprisingly, toilet paper.

Artworks span a wide range of forms from paintings, photographs, and illustrations to installations, and videos, echoing the collective experience that stopped the world in its tracks.

“The artwork displayed show feelings that have sprung from the pandemic: hope, solidarity, a sense of humour, chaos, encouragement,” says Irene Llorca, one of the founders of the museum.

Some of the artists

The digital museum features artworks from artists around the globe, including Banksy, CJ Lee, Rodrigues, Katherine Lam, Marius Sperlich, Dave Pollot, Johanna Tordjman, and Paola de Grenet. Montreal director Catherine White shares works from her initiative #CoronaArtBalance.

Once lockdown is lifted and life returns to some semblance of normality, the project’s coordinators want to move some of the works collected during weeks of lockdown to a physical exhibition space and make a free e-book that features all the works. 

The digital museum not only provides a platform for artists and creatives to visually capture this unprecedented time in our lives and express themselves in the way they know best, but it also offers a space from which people can draw hope and strength and realise they are not alone in this.

Visit the museum on Instagram.

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