Amazing paper art: Artist repu

Amazing paper art: Artist repurposed old books into paper cups and saucers [photos]

People are so creative nowadays.

Amazing paper art: Artist repu

An artist from Sweden decided rather than throwing old books or comics away, she would transform them into amazing art pieces – or well cups that will impress your friends at tea parties.

Cecilia Levy started experimenting with three-dimensional paper in 2009 and since then she has transformed books into beautiful cups, saucers, bowls or plates. She formerly worked as a designer and bookbinder, but decided to start working as an independent artist and she’s proven to be a successful one in that.

Boredpanda reported that she is always on the lookout for old books to transform so that their stories may continue in a new and unique form. And so they do. On her website she says: “I use books from the beginning of the last century. Take them apart, tear, cut and paste small pieces of paper together. The pages are reassembled into new objects. Eggshell thin, yet remarkably steady. The story lives on, but in a different shape.”

Check out her testament to literature below:

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