25 Gorgeous, real-life locatio

25 Gorgeous, real-life locations perfect for a Wes Anderson film [photos]

It’s like walking through the wonderful mind of the man himself.

25 Gorgeous, real-life locatio

Film Director and Producer Wes Anderson knows a thing or two about capturing unique cinematic settings.

Not necessarily in need of an introduction, his work has been exhibited in films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel. He is known for his use of retro-inspired color schemes and costumes and inspire us to look for the extraordinary things in everyday life. And now those who find it, have a place to share it for the world to see…

Reddit users who are inspired by his unique eye, formed a subreddit called Accidental Wes Anderson, where fans post images of locations that look worthy of featuring in one of his films.

This resulted in some of the most amazing and dream-like photos of locations all over the world. Below you can see 25 of these photos taken in meeting rooms, hotels, train stations and even swimming pools.
The feed, which was relatively small until it exploded drastically with about 30k subscribers.
1. Lobby Bar of The Graduate Hotel – Oxford, Mississippi
2. Hotel in Petra, Jordan
4. Grand hotel, Mackinac Island, MI
5. Crockett Hotel in San Antonio
Crockett Hotel in San Antonio
6. Room in Ostel Hotel, East Berlin
7. Mount Nelson Hotel, South Africa
8. Redhill Station in Singapore
9. Conference room in North Korea
Accidental Wes Anderson Reddit
10. “Ebb Tide” at Gold Crest Resort Motel
Wes Anderson Color Palette
11. Choi Hung Estates in Hong Kong
Wes Anderson Style
12. Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan, Italy
Wes Anderson Look
13. Metro train in Brussels
Wes Anderson Style
14. Door in Kiev, Ukraine
Wes Anderson Color Palette
15. Estoi, Portugal
Wes Anderson Color Palette
16. Spadina road, Toronto
Wes Anderson Color Palette
17. REDvalentino Store in Rome, Italy
Wes Anderson Color Palette
18. Berlin, Germany
Ulfar Loga/Instagram
19. Stadt-Bad Gotha in Gotha, Germany
Wes Anderson Color Palette
21. Kastellet in Copenhagen, Denmark
Wes Anderson Style
22. Hotel Polonia in Warsaw, Poland
Wes Anderson Style
23. The Exchange District in Winnipeg, Manitoba
24. Everything inside the Grand Hotel, Mackinac Island
25. Grand Hotel de l’Europe in Bad Gastein, Austria
Wes Anderson Look