Striking companies from Companies Register

Striking companies from Companies Register. Image credit: AdobeStock

NPOs: Registering a Nonprofit Organisation in South Africa

NPOs (Nonprofit Organisations) are easy to register in South Africa. Here’s how to register an NPO with government’s help.

Striking companies from Companies Register

Striking companies from Companies Register. Image credit: AdobeStock

Charitable causes and helplines aren’t corporations or sole proprietor companies. Nonprofit Organisations (NPOs) run through donations from the public, and don’t turn a profit – but use these funds to pay volunteers, and run special outreach projects.

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If you want to help people in a huge way, registering a Nonprofit Organisation could be the way to reach your dream.

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Here’s how registering a Nonprofit Organisation in South Africa works, from start to registration.

What is a Nonprofit Organisation?

According to the Western Cape Government, NPOs are organisations that don’t distribute profit to their members.

Nonprofit Organisations can be charities, but sometimes also advoacy or activist groups. Faith-based groups may also register as NPOs in Southern Africa.

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Charities and food schemes are two examples of what Nonprofit Organisations are.

Anyone of legal age can register such an organisation in South Africa.

The Three types of NPO

There are three types of NPO, according to the SA Government:

· Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO)
· Community-Based Organisation (CBO)
· Faith-Based Organisation (FBO)

If you would like to register one such organisation, then you will have to know which one you are representing (e.g. what is your goal after registration).

How do I register an NPO?

Registration for Nonprofit Organisations are done at this official SA.Government link.

Forms are available in the website, and must be filled in with the correct information. If you don’t know how, a legal representative (lawyer or attorney) can assist.

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After completion, submit forms to the address given at the link.

Founding documents, which include names of members, must also be submitted with your forms.

How long does it take to register?

According to the application details, applications may take up to two months to process.

If your application was successful, then you can begin operating once you have received your approval. Unsuccessful applications might be rejected, which can be reapplied for after finding the right documents or making advised corrections.

What does NPO registration cost?

Registration of a Nonprofit Organisation is free in South Africa.

Because it’s not a corporation or company, there are no associated fees to register an NPO.