SASSA Old Age Pension

Everything you need to apply for a SASSA Old Age Pension. Picture: File/Fotor.

Everything you NEED when applying for a SASSA Old Age Pension

Means Tests, proof of assets, there’s a lot to know when applying for a SASSA Old Age Pension. Here’s a handy checklist.

SASSA Old Age Pension

Everything you need to apply for a SASSA Old Age Pension. Picture: File/Fotor.

The South African Social Security Agency sees a marked increase of applications for the SASSA Old Age Pension over the festive season. Otherwise known as the Old Person’s Grant, the government-backed endowment makes up more than 60% of the income in the households where it is administered.

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Click on the links for payment dates in 2024 and a better understanding of the threshold for the SASSA Means Test threshold. Below is everything you’ll need to supply when applying for a SASSA Old Age Pension. A reminder that you must be 60-years of age or older to be eligible.


SASSA Old Age Pension
If eligible, you should claim your SASSA Old Age Pension. Picture: Pixabay.

According to the website, visit or take your elderly loved one to your nearest SASSA branch. Unfortunately, the applications forms are NOT available online, you must apply for a SASSA Old Age Pension in person so staff can assist you fully.

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Follow the links below to find a branch nearest to you, no matter where you live in South Africa:


SASSA Old Age Pension
A SASSA Old Age Pension will help you through your golden years. Picture: SASSA.

From there, you need to bring along the following documents:

  • Your 13-digit bar-coded identity document (ID).
  • If you don’t have an ID, a SASSA staff member will assist you with format documents for an ID application.
  • Supply proof of your marital status.
  • Proof of residence.
  • Documents showing proof of your income and/or dividends.
  • Information proving your assets, including the value of the property you own.
  • Proof of a private pension (if any).
  • Bank statements from the previous three months.
  • If you were previously employed, your Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) membership ‘blue book’ or discharge certificate from your previous employer.
  • Should your spouse have died within the last five years, a copy of the will and the first and final liquidation and distribution accounts.


SASSA Old Age Pension
Income and assets are calculated between you and your spouse if married. Picture: File.

It’s important to understand what constitutes income in the eyes of the agency. This is not anything other than understanding whether you are in need of a SASSA Old Age Pension. Its so people don’t take advantage of the system and take pensions away from those who are genuinely needy.

  • If you receive money from a private pension.
  • Money from any business or work.
  • Financial help from friends or relatives (as reflected in bank statements).
  • Earnings through renting out a portion of your house or a property you own.
  • Maintenance payments for child.
  • A salary from a regular job.
  • Compensation from other government sources, like UIF, RAF or COIDA.


Watch SASSA released the payment schedule video
SASSA released the payment schedule of social grants for the 2023/24 year. Image: X/SASSA

According to SGSC, when applying for a SASSA Old Age Pension, the agency will consider the following as assets in your name:

  • Money in your or your spouse’s bank account.
  • The value of property or land that you and/or your spouse possess.
  • Properties or land with an outstanding bond are considered to have zero value.
  • The value of all investments owned by you or your spouse, like shares or any other type of investments.
  • Note that a retirement fund annuity will not be considered an asset.
  • However, if you are retired from a retirement fund, your annuity will be included as an asset.
  • Outstanding debt, such as bonds and loans.


SASSA Old Age Pension
People in line for the SASSA Old Age Pension. Picture: File.

Of course, if you are too old or sick to travel to the office to apply, a family member or friend can apply on your behalf. The person must take a letter from you and/or a doctor’s note saying why you cannot visit the office. Complete the application form in the presence of the SASSA officer.

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