marketing myopia

Effective strategies for marketing myopia. Image credit: AdobeStock

Effective strategies for marketing myopia

(Partner Content) Knowing your market is an essential part of your overall marketing success. Which is why marketing myopia is so relevant.

marketing myopia

Effective strategies for marketing myopia. Image credit: AdobeStock

Marketing is a word with many meanings. In general, marketing is the process by which a business creates and develops its customer base, makes a profit, and engages in other businesses to coordinate its marketing activities. In transactional terms, marketing covers the act of buying and selling by means of the exchange of goods or services on the basis of a contract. Marketing myopia by definition is a term coined by Theodore Levitt who referred to the short sightedness of marketing that focuses on fulfilment of immediate needs of the company rather than focusing on marketing from consumers’ point of view.

The Results Of Marketing Research

Marketing research helps to determine what the requirements of the customers are and to find out the right course of marketing activities to satisfy those requirements.  It is important for all levels of marketing, even if the marketing efforts are limited to using services that allow you to buy YouTube views and drive traffic towards your content. 

By carrying out marketing research, businesses are able to identify marketing opportunities and plan their marketing activities to take advantage of such opportunities. Marketing research is conducted to improve production and service, by gathering and analyzing data, and by improving market share. Also, marketing research determines competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and decides how to exploit these weaknesses to enlarge market share. 

There are many elements involved in marketing research. One important aspect is understanding your customers and their needs. This requires defining what your customers need and want so that you can provide what they want. It is also important to determine your competitors and their target customers so that you can design your marketing strategies in such a way that you can provide a compelling reason for your customers to buy from you.

Researching Your Competitors And Their Marketing Strategies

This concept is not as easy as it sounds because marketing and advertising businesses have different concepts of marketing. Some firms define marketing as the process by which a firm establishes and develops a brand for the sale of a product or service and others emphasize marketing as the promotion of a brand by consumers and others as the generation of new clients. In marketing research, concepts like creating a unique selling proposition, or selling the most desirable product, are considered. Companies that specialize in marketing research utilize a variety of techniques and models, depending on the definition of marketing that they have formulated for themselves and the type of services that they offer.

Defining Concepts Like Social Marketing 

This means defining marketing techniques that are geared towards reaching out to a specific target audience or segment of society. There are three distinct theories or concepts that are related to marketing that are used today by marketing firms and most other businesses: the marketing concept, the production concept, and the selling concept. These three concepts are the foundation of most of the successful marketing strategies adopted by companies and are integral for their long-term sustainability.

Consumers Needs 

The marketing concept basically considers customer needs and wants as the determining factors of a firm’s products and services. The marketing concept holds that marketing should be geared towards providing a unique selling proposition (USP) to target consumers. This is important because the target consumers are the ones who will decide whether a company’s products and services are worth buying. The production concept, on the other hand, suggests that marketing should aim at optimizing the production process itself to create the greatest possible value from each unit of production while marketing only to the potential buyers.

Coordinating Marketing Approach 

This simply means that marketing should be integrated with the other efforts of the company to promote its products and services. Most companies use coordinated marketing techniques including advertising to make sure that they are targeting the right set of customers. Marketing strategies that include coordinated marketing tend to make a strong impact on customers because they are able to offer something new and different to their customers’ needs. In fact, many companies make their bread and butter through coordinated marketing campaigns that involve all of the major customer needs. A strong and effective marketing campaign is able to leverage all aspects of the company’s resources to ensure that a company’s product or service is available to target consumers whenever it is most needed.


Marketers today must be aware of the importance of integrating marketing with other aspects of their business. Doing so enables them to provide consumers with services and products that address their needs and aspirations. However, doing so can be difficult because marketers tend to focus on just a few aspects and forget about other important aspects. Small marketing myopia could prove to be detrimental to a company’s success, as certain aspects might not receive the attention that they deserve. Mentioned above are three ways in which marketers can incorporate marketing with other aspects of their business.