Watch Good news on car licence disc service video

A smart car licence disc system has been long overdue. Photo: @Search_SA / Twitter

THIS car licence renewal service is offering MAJOR discounts

It’s not a new car licence renewal service, but it is offering big discounts till further notice. Here’s all you need to know about it …

Watch Good news on car licence disc service video

A smart car licence disc system has been long overdue. Photo: @Search_SA / Twitter

We’ve reported extensively on South Africa’s various car licence renewal service providers. Now, it’s good news from the car licence renewal service offered by Shoprite and Checkers. The service is offering major discounts on car licence renewals till further notice.

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That’s correct, hundreds of thousands of South African car licences are expiring this year after repeated extensions by government after the COVID pandemic. But My Money Market, the car licence renewal service from Shoprite, Checkers and USave, is coming to the party for cash-strapped South Africans.


car licence renewal service
Car licence renewal service discount ofered from this company. Picture: File.

It’s been announced that through its My Money Market service, Shoprite and Checkers is offering a discounted renewal fee from 1 November 2023 until 31 January 2024. The renewal fee is discounted from R225 to R185. Every Rand saved counts, eh?

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“With soaring living costs, times are tough for consumers. We hope to provide some relief by reducing the fee of our car licence renewal service and providing a hassle-free process that takes just a few minutes. Motorists can apply online and pay either online or in-person at the Money Market counter in any of the 1 350 Shoprite, Checkers and USave stores nationwide,” said the retailer.


car licence renewal service
There are now WhatsApp services to help you renew your car license. Picture: File.

As we have covered before, your car licence varies based on factors like how much your car weighs and which province you’re in. Similarly, there are countless car licence renewal service providers, some cheaper than others.

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The fixed My Money Market fees are:

  • Admin fee: R110.25
  • Delivery fee: R74.75
  • Total fee: R185 (discounted from R225)

*This does not include the licence disc cost of your vehicle as mentioned earlier.  


car licence renewal service
How much it costs to renew your vehicle license after adjustments. Supplied

According to Business Tech, there are plenty of cheaper options out there. However, My Money Market’s offering does beat Spar (R199) and Pick n Pay (R329.99) currently.

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Overall, PayCity is the cheapest option at R113.85. The most affordable option offered countrywide is the South African Post Office at R147, including delivery. Another alternative is e-Natis online service with a total cost of R171. There are also WhatsApp services like Disky, which are more expensive but more time effective.

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Which is your preferred car licence renewal service? Have you used any of the ones mentioned above and can you give helpful feedback? Be sure to share your thoughts with our audience in the comments section below. And don’t forget to follow us @TheSANews on X and The South African on Facebook for the latest updates.