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Nkandla revisited – If the President approved a contractor, did he know?

In the Nkandla disciplinary hearing of an accounts management employee (on charges of misconduct for approving a construction tender to Moneymine Enterprises), it transpired that President Jacob Zuma, the “owner of the property” had appointed Moneymine and that the company “had already been on site long before the tender was approved”.

Explainer: What is the Day of Reconciliation in South Africa?

South Africa’s grapple with transformation in sport

South Africa’s constitutional democracy ushered in an era of hope and change for all South Africans, particularly those South Africans who were oppressed by discriminatory laws, through the brutality of colonialism and apartheid. This oppression and discrimination cut across all sections of South African society; political, social, economic, and across the sporting front.

Watch: How 33 rescued circus l

Watch: How 33 rescued circus lions went home to Africa [new video]

The story of the now famous 33 lions that went from circus cages to freedom, is told in a new video by Animal Defenders International (ADI), released today. Rescued by ADI from a life of suffering in circuses in Peru and Colombia, the feel-good tale of the lions’ journey to their forever home in South Africa has won the hearts of the public around the world