Penny Matthews

Penny Matthews

After being born and bred in South Africa for twenty-eight years, I finally made the move to London. Graduating with an honours in psychology and psychological assessment at the University of the Witwatersrand, I went to Wits Business school to do a mini-MBA, which precipitated my life in the management consulting world. With a six month travel through Central America behind me, I'm opening my heart to London and most importantly to its welcoming of my arrival and perky offerings.

1 More Saffa | Sun’s out – It’
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1 More Saffa | Sun’s out – It’s braai time

Before I knew it, the sun had started to shine and blossoms and bulbs sprouted on random trees and fields of green. Spring is teasing the Londoners! Despite taking the pre-warned caution that this might be only a momentary thing, South Africans instinctively race to their webers and braai tongs.

1 More Saffa | 7 South African

1 More Saffa | 7 South African must-haves for a sick and wet February

Everything came together one Sunday morning. The clouds burst into tears as my throat challenged what felt like, the swallowing of an acorn. Those pesky squirrels had come back to haunt me after my spreading of chilli powder on their soil to protect my bulbs. Curled up on the couch with a week ahead of tracksuit pants, slippers and Strepsils; I quickly realised seven essentials I would willingly sacrifice a healthy day for if I could teleport back to South Africa to collect

1 More Saffa | New Year Bake O
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1 More Saffa | New Year Bake Off

With the festive season coming to an end; clearly evidenced by the pork stuffing bloated stomaches and Christmas lights being pulled down from the trees, I decided to turn the conditioned indulgence cravings into active baking experiments.

1 More Saffa | A true gem on S

1 More Saffa | A true gem on St. John’s Hill

In the midst of cooling London and radiator extractor fans blowing the streets of South West London, I managed to find a restaurant winning the trade in my books. The Powder Keg on St John’s Hill, on the outside; looks like your average Keg or Baron back home in South Africa. However, walking through the doors, which are gracefully opened by the lovely Ken, you are taken to a 1920’s marriage of sherry, delicacy and old school music.

1 More Saffa | Home and away f

1 More Saffa | Home and away for ten days

After nine months away, it was back to South African soil for ten days. The countdown to the flight home started far in advance and the anticipation of home, sun, friends and familiar culture danced within me as I sipped on prosecco and gnawed my way through edamame beans at Heathrow’s Terminal 5.

1 More Saffa | Long sandy beac

1 More Saffa | Long sandy beaches do exist in England

It was time for a trip. A simple four and half hour journey to what I never knew existed. Some will tell you adamantly that North Devon is home to one of the biggest surf hubs in Europe. With doubt in my mind and the cold winter approaching, I wasn’t finding myself convinced. However, I would very soon eat my words with satisfactory delight.

1 More Saffa | Eggs Florentine

1 More Saffa | Eggs Florentine please!

I am a firm believer that no satisfaction is more personally gratifying than a perfectly cooked egg, accompanied with a little sweet and savoury combination. Breakfast to me is a phenomenon. It can be eaten at any time of day. It can be combined with a flat white or champagne.

1 More Saffa | Morning cattle

1 More Saffa | Morning cattle herding

My jaw dropped as I watched the herds of people ploughing themselves into the buses and trains like their contents were as big as a Mary Poppins’s bag. Every time I convinced myself there was no possible way someone else could squeeze in, I was proved wrong.

1 More Saffa | Finally can ear

1 More Saffa | Finally can earn some pounds

Coming back into London, the rain spat in my face reminding me that the sun will not always shine and holiday time is over. The final stage interview was a little more ruthless in a meeting room and questions being asked by the head of department. Despite the minor stress and anxiety planting itself in red patches on my neck and cheeks (praying the lighting in the room softened it), I was phoned the next morning with the offer.

1 More Saffa | London touchdow

1 More Saffa | London touchdown

After six months of travelling in Central American humidity, I couldn’t have been more excited to land at London Heathrow. Butterflies leaped inside me as the thought of warm water, laundry and cooler air; leaving my hair to stay in the positions I intended it to. It all awaited me.